Odds of winning - Tips on online slots percentage payouts

Everyone loves the bells and whistles of online pokies. Nothing beats the lights, sounds and excitement of winning massive rewards on your favourite online slot. My top tip is to get know your favourite machine like it’s your new best friend, and the best way to get to know an online slot is to study the odds. Once you get your head around the odds, your chances of winning some major cash rewards increase.

Get stuck into the books before you start playing some of the best online slots in Australia.  Know your online pokie odds like the players on your footy team and you could earn some huge wins.




Study the Numbers to Earn Big Wins

You need to remember that all online pokie machines are different. You may love certain themed slots but don’t forget that it’s the odds that matter most. When it comes to paying out for a win, keep in mind that all slot machines have their own odds. When you are choosing a slot, you can work out the return to player (RTP), by adding up the odds for each prize and getting the machine’s payout percentage.

As a general rule of thumb the majority of slots have a payout percentage between 82% and 98%.

As an online pokies connoisseur you will find that the payout percentages will generally increase with your bet size. To break it down further, it means cheaper pokies will have a lower RTP, but if you’re betting more, then you potentially could see payouts towards 90%. Keep in mind though these figures are a guide, and vary depending on where you play in the world.

No matter where you are playing, be aware all slot machines have a RTP level included in the software. In physical casino slot machines, only approved software can be used and the RTP is monitored. Casinos are required to have a minimum RTP and audited to make sure the payout percentages are fair to pokie lovers.


Another Good Stat to Remember – PARS

Okay, another term you may come across in the slot world is “PARS”. Paytable and Reel Strips (PARS) sheets can give you an idea of what kind of RTP that players could possibly expect from the slot. Keep in mind slot machines can be programmed in multiple ways. While you may not have the exact RTP of your favourite machine, a PARS sheet will help tip the odds in your favour.


Turn the Numbers in Your Favour

Now you have an idea of how payout percentages work you can fine tune your slots strategy to get some bang for your buck. Remember your RTP increases by trying the simpler slots in the out of the way casinos. If you want the bling and glamour of the flashier slots, then you’ll have to pay a little extra. Get stuck into your favourite pokies with these tips and increase your bankroll.




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