It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of Bitcoin. I am writing updates about it almost weekly now, and although a lot of you are taking my advice on this one, there is still a huge amount of opposition to change. While I can most definitely understand it, as far as I am concerned it really is going to be the currency of the future, and I wouldn’t be a good friend if I didn’t spread the word so that everybody can get involved with Bitcoin as early as possible. In saying that, seeing as it was launched in 2009, we are far from early adopters (I only got involved a couple of years ago myself), but it is never too late!

Last week I told the story of the pizza that was purchased for 10,000 BTC in 2010 – and how that same pizza would be cost over 23 million dollars today if charged at the same amount of Bitcoins. As you can see, the value of the coins is growing exponentially.

“But why would I get in now, after the boom?” is a question I get asked all the time, and the answer is simple – the boom is VERY far from being over. In fact, experts say that same growth rate could, and most likely WILL happen again. Meaning a single coin could be worth a $1,000,000 in seven to ten years’ time. So, as you can see, even with Bitcoins currently being sold for around 2,500USD – the potential profit is insane.

Learn More About Bitcoin

f you have any questions about Bitcoin and how to get started, a lot of the basic stuff can be read about here.

Obviously nothing is definite in this world, and the predicted growth, is exactly that – predicted, but with experts from all over (apart from those that work at banks that are scared of their own outdated systems dying out) saying the same thing – buy, buy, buy – it isn’t as much of a gamble as you would think. Plus, I know you guys love a good bet anyway, so my advice is get involved. Oh, and not only are they a great investment, but you can of course also spend Bitcoins (they are a currency after all) wherever you wish. Even at Joe Fortune Casino.



Why you should be getting on-board with Bitcoin!


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