Slap on some green paint and ignore your friends as they complain when you crank up U2. For one day a year we’re all a little Irish, and it’s easy to see why the world loves St Patricks Day.  In case you’re wondering what the fuss was about – March 17th is the day we celebrate leprechauns, four-leaf clovers, green beer and Irish pokies!

Knock back a few pints of Guinness, and instead of attempting your best River Dance impression, get in the mood for St. Patrick’s day with these slots and you could be finding your very own pots of gold that will have you dancing a jig.




Go Green with These Slots on St. Patrick’s Day

Play Irish Charms online slot now

1. Irish Charms

The charms at the end of this rainbow will turn your luck Irish. Let the leprechauns show you the way to eternal happiness with their pots of gold. Play now and you could change your luck FOREVER!

Play Lucky Leprechaun online slot now

2. Lucky Leprechaun Progressive

The Lucky Leprechaun of Ireland, with his big pot of gold, is a well-known symbol of good fortune. The luckiest players will spin in Golden Coin Wilds that substitute for any other symbols, and could find themselves jumping for joy like the Lucky Leprechaun himself.

Play Lucky Clover online slot now

3. Lucky Clover

According to an age old Irish tradition, finding a four leaf clover has long been a symbol of prosperity, and now with Lucky Clovers slot, some of it could be coming to you! Those that find the magical Lucky Clover will be in for good fortune – to be sure, to be sure.

Play Gangster Slot online slot now

4. Gangster Slots

Join Irish gangsters as you battle to make a fortune in Prohibition Era New York. Sleep with one eye open as you battle police, rival gangs and sexy 1920s gangster moles who are sure to leave you in the money.




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