It’s been said that laughter is the best medicine, and while this is not technically true (please seek medical advice instead of watching comedy if you feel unwell), it has been proven to release endorphins into your brain. Endorphins are natural feel-good chemicals, and although they cannot so much as cure a common cold, they can certainly make a gloomy day much, much better.

With this in mind, there’s no more enjoyable way to be filled with endorphins, after copious amounts of laughter, than by attending the Melbourne Comedy Festival. This international comedy festival features the very best of local and overseas talent alike, and runs from 29 March to 23 April 2017.

As a self-proclaimed funny man (my friends don’t always agree) and comedy aficionado, I thought it was only right that I gave you a run-down of my favourite comics that are performing at the Melbourne Comedy Festival this year.

So here, in no specific order, are some of my predicted highlights for this year:

Joe’s picks for the Melbourne Comedy Festival

Who to see at the 2017 Melbourne Comedy Festival

1. American: The Bill Hicks Story (US)

There are no two ways about it, Bill Hicks was an absolute legend in the comedy world. His brave and rebellious comedy was never afraid to tackle politics or religion – two topics that most comics in his era would shy away from. Whether you’re a lifetime fan, or have never heard of Hicks, this documentary about his life is sure to entertain. Plus, with a preceding screening of This is Spinal Tap, big laughs are guaranteed.

American: The Bill Hicks Story


2. The Best of British (UK)

Known for their dry and sarcastic tone, the British humourists are revered by fans of comedy worldwide, so definitely try not to miss this collection of comics from the United Kingdom. With a large selection of funny men (and women) from the motherland, this show will not disappoint and with  shows throughout the entire festival, you can easily find a time that suits.

The Best of British


3. Aborigi-LOL 100% Aussie Laughs

Home grown comedy is hard to beat, especially when the locals are just as funny as the international acts. Join Dane Simpson (known for his unashamed use of dad jokes) and the overly cynical Matt Ford as they perform the most ocka show you’ll see at the festival. These first-nation Australian comics put the genius in indigenous (see, I told you that my jokes don’t always work) with their extremely aussie view on the world and will have you in stiches as they commentate on life in ‘straya.



4. Chris D’Elia (USA)

Live and direct straight from the states, Chris D’Elia is over to show us Australians how the Americans do it. After appearing in Workaholics, Comedy Central Presents, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, his own Netflix special and The Justin Bieber Roast – big laughs are inevitable during his stand-up show.  This is Chris’s first time on the Aussie comedy festival circuit, so tickets will go fast. Don’t miss this one.

Chris D’Elia


5. Balloonatics (UK)

This is great one for the whole family. Sit back and enjoy Chris Henry’s unique brand of humour, as he delivers joke, after joke, after… balloon animal?!! Don’t worry though, this Balloonatic is much less scary than your typical clown, and even though he is less talented in the balloon modelling department – it all adds to his chaotic and hilarious stage show. Don’t think this is one just for the kids though. This Scottish comic will make sure that adults are just as satisfied in the laughter department.


See you all there.




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