Joe Fortune Casino is a pretty awesome online casino, I should know – I created it. My goal was to have a casino where everyone could have a good time and have a chance to win. Which is why I offer the best online casino bonuses in Australia.

If you follow these six tips on how to get the most bang for your buck at an online casino, you’ll be yelling Jackpot quick as a wink.

1. Play the field of Slots, Roulette, Poker, Keno…

Don’t just stick to a single game like Ceasar’s Empire or Star Jewels. Branch out and try something different –maybe that’s just what you need to get that real money jackpot burning a hole in your pocket.


2. Give Yourself a Budget for Playing at the Casino

I have a set limit for each week. It’s usually $100 for the week (don’t tell the missus, some weeks it creeps up closer towards $150). Once I’ve used my limit, I’ve used it. Anything above that, I cash it in for real money and voila, just like that you are making lots of dosh.


3. Do Your Online Casino Research

Find out the odds of your favourite games and play the ones that have the biggest odds of winning. That house advantage can be a real bugger on a bad day! Increase your chance of winning the jackpot at online games make sure you understand the game and its advantages first.


4. Great Online Casino Offers Available

Using offers like friend referral bonuses will have you playing more for longer. My refer a friend bonus is one of the best around: I’ll give you $100 for each mate who successfully joins and plays.


5. Know When You’re Ahead

Similar to point three, know when your ahead and quit while you’re ahead. Enjoy your winnings, treat yourself to something new or enjoy practicing at some free play games.



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